Queen Size (90cm) Cooltex High Profile Latex Pillow


Queen Size Cooltex High Profile Pillows are the perfect size for a single bed or buy two of them for your Super King Bed. They are ideal for back and side sleepers.

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Healthbeds Cooltex High Profile Pillow from the Healthbeds Pillow collection.

The Healthbeds High Profile Pillow is ideal for people who prefer to sleep on their side or back. It provides excellent support, and will relieve pressure from your neck and back for a perfect nights sleep. The pillow is breathable which helps to reduce humidity, and the Cooltex cover provides you with a cool sleep surface and helps to maintain a consistent body temperature throughout the night. As it is hypo-allergenic, the High Profile pillow is ideal for any allergy sufferers.

The pillow itself is made from Natural Talalay Latex. It has a removable, zipped breathable cover and air is allowed to flow naturally throughout the pillow giving you a cooler nights sleep.

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